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Quality Assurance Plan


Repeat awards from various agencies attest to the quality of work performed by our firm. This steady flow is a result of the Quality Assurance Plan. Close coordination between the firm’s design team and client is of critical importance. This Quality Assurance Plan has been developed to foster an environment in which a smooth working relationship will grow. Refer to the detailed Management and Quality Assurance/Quality Control plans.


The design team is specifically structured to meet the special demands of a project. Team members are selected for their recent design experience. The team represents a comprehensive array of design skills to ensure a successful design and subsequent construction bid package. The key personnel assigned to a project will remain through the duration.

Experienced architects and engineers select all material and specifications for a project. Design and specifications of each major discipline are checked first by the lead engineer, then by the engineering manager. Finished specifications are coordinated and logged through the firm’s specifications coordinator.


The firm prides itself on the close working relationship that is maintained with the client during the various phases of a project. Normally, the client’s personnel participate in series of design review meetings with the firm’s senior project staff. These meetings are scheduled at appropriate times throughout the project’s time frame.

Project team meetings constitute the main avenue of communication and coordination within the firm. These meetings, usually held weekly, are chaired by the project manager and attended by the lead architect/engineer for each discipline involved. Progress prints are exchanged to identify design status for each discipline as well as conflicts and problem areas. Moreover, a concept review team composed of senior engineers is available for consultation at any time to aid problem resolution.

Design Quality Control

Quality Control standards are established by the Quality Control Manager, at the initial («Kick-off») meeting of every project.  They are maintained and reinforced at subsequent quality control reviews that are scheduled at regular intervals during the course of the project.

The firm has developed a rigorous multichecking system to ensure that all elements are reviewed for suitability, compatibility, accuracy, and as the project progresses that all pertinent design aspects have been included and are in line with the project intent.  A similar review is required by each of our consultants and subcontractors, with written verification that it was completed, prior to submittal of their documentation.  A coordination review is performed to ensure that all engineering systems are compatible.

During the SCHEMATICS DESIGN phase of the project, senior and experienced engineers analyze the project and decide about the material, equipment and systems to be used. The material, equipment and systems to be used are judged and decided taking into consideration the following functions:

• Availability of material or equipment
• Aesthetics (Blend with the rest of the buildings and scenery)
• Compliance with OWNER’S criteria and requirements
• Cost
• Durability (Life Cycle)
• Reliability
• Operating and Maintenance Cost and Service

Passing the SCHEMATIC DESIGN phase the lead project engineer and the chief engineer, prior to submittal of documents at each stage, review all the design calculations and perform a detailed check of all finished drawings and specifications while the cost estimate team monitors the cost of the project in order to avoid exceeding the budget. Prior to Final submittal, an independent (other than those involved in the design) Quality Assurance Team will be convened from senior experienced professional engineering design staff and the company’s principals to review the project documents against the stated criteria and for coordination between disciplines using the “Red Line-Yellow Line” system. Predeveloped checklists for each discipline are employed to ensure nothing is overlooked. Each list is then dated and signed after all corrections are made.

Specification masters are kept on file in the firm’s centralized technical library. The master specifications reflect the accumulated knowledge of many years of consulting and design work. The firm uses the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and SPECSINTACT library, internationally recognized systems, for preparing construction documents. Guide specifications are updated quarterly, recorded on a single compact disk, and include complete specs for Army Corps of Engineers (CEGS series), NAVFACENGCOM (NFGS & TS series), USAFE specs, AFFES specs and Greek Ministry of Public Works specs.

For the calculations of the HVAC, structural, lighting and electrical systems, the firm uses computer programs accepted by ASHRAE, ASSE and other international organizations.