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Aryamehr International Airport.

The airport included two runways, three terminal buildings, a control tower, international and domestic cargo, fuelling facilities, customs and administration buildings, aircraft maintenance hangars, fuel storage facilities, engine and mechanical shops, in flight catering buildings and canteens. Fire and rescue buildings and air mail facilities. Central plant for heating and air-conditioning. Electrical substations & sewage treatment plant. [In association with firms AFFA  & TAMS (US)].

Beef Island International Airport. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean.

The project (EC financed) included a 7,300m² terminal building, with baggage handling system, freight warehouse facilities and a mechanical plant, with all the associated mechanical and electrical services. Also included a fire protection pumping station building for the entire airport and a 500m³ water storage tank. All the exterior utilities, sewage, potable water, irrigation water, electrical power distribution and communication facilities.

Aircraft Overhaul Facilities. Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Tanagra, Greece

Design of a 150KV power substation, an engine test building, a hangar, a warehouse, a central plant, a utility tunnel, fire protection systems,  and other miscellaneous facilities. [In association with Austin Co. (US)]

Off-Base POL Facilities Thira Airfield,  Greece

Complete design to upgrade the existing fuel oil facilities (N.A.T.O. project). It included mooring facilities for the supply of existing storage tanks with  fuel HP pumping station and other related facilities including upgrading of existing storage tanks.

Aircraft Security System & Lighting. U.S. Air Force
Hellenikon Air Base Athens, Greece

Installation of security lighting mounted on metal towers, and a special electromagnetic security system for the protection of military aircrafts. The project included a substation an emergency generator and all power distribution.

Conforming Storage Facility.U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hellenikon Air Base, Athens, Greece

A storage facility of 300m² area for loading/unloading, receipt and storage of hazardous property. Incombustible enclosed building for storage and associated hazardous material and waste operations. The project included a substation and all exterior utilities.

Power Generators. U.S. Air Force,
Iraklion Air Station Crete, Greece

Installation of two 600KW each power generators including all associated electrical and mechanical work. Design of a new paralleling system for six generators. Improvements to the 4,16KV power distribution system throughout the base.

On – Base POL Facilities Andravida Airfield, Greece

Complete design to  upgrade and restore the  existing jet fuel storage installations (N.A.T.O. project).

U.S. Air Force

Over 50 projects for the American military in various airports throughout Europe. Projects included fuel farms & aircraft refuelling facilities, electric power generation plants, substations and distribution for 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz systems, medium and low voltage, communications & radar and uninterrupta-ble power supply installations. Also, cold storage and dry storage facilities, hangars, airfield lighting and control towers.

Fuel Tanks for Power Plant. U.S. Air Force Station
Crete, Greece

Replacement of existing six underground fuel tanks 25,000 gallons each, at the base’s electric power plant, including a cathodic protection system for the underground tanks and piping.

AIRCRAFT  OVERHAUL FACILITIES – HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, TANAGRA, GREECE  (Participated in construction management, in cooperation with the AUSTIN Co. Seattle, Washington –  Lockheed – Westinghouse – General Electric Co.)

Beef Island International Airport. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
(E/M Design.  Financed by European Union)

Aryamehr International Airport (Asia)